Item Creator

Create a one-of-a-kind item

If you select "Item Creator" from the Menu, you can use patterns to create your own original items. You can also create your own brand logos.

Acquire new patterns

Each pattern has a rarity and a category. When your Influencer Rank rises or you use the Gacha Machine, the patterns available to you will increase. After acquiring a pattern, you will usually need to unlock it with Creative Keys before you can use it.

Make a brand logo!

When customizing an item, press the - Button to select a brand logo. Although there are four logos provided at the start, you can edit them to create your own original brand logo.

Raise your Brand Level

When you create items, a gauge will increase. When it fills up completely, that will take you to the next Brand Level and unlock one pattern. Brand Level is a requirement for buying more furniture in the showroom.

Creative Keys and E-Points

The Creative Keys needed to unlock patterns can be acquired as rewards from in-game events. The E-Points required for creating items can be obtained through Lookits and the Bingo Machine.

About Item Types

Items are divided into Type A and Type B, which correspond to body type. They also come in categories such as tops, skirts, and shoes. Type A clothing cannot be worn by Type B Muses, and vice versa, with some exceptions.

Items Worn by Body Type A and B

Headwear, glasses, and earrings can be worn by both body types.