Screen Layout


  1. Your Muse

    This is the avatar that you control.

  2. Menu

    Press the + Button to open the Menu.

  3. Tips

    Any new tips will appear here.

  4. Muse

    Other Muses you've met will appear in Your World.

  5. Affinity

    This shows the Affinity a Character Muse feels toward you.

  6. Follower Count and Rank

    This shows a Player Muse's follower count and Influencer Rank. A number appears for the follower count, while a banner indicates the Influencer Rank.

  7. Eve Log

    Opens the Eve Log, which has useful features for influencers.

  8. Player Actions

    You can conduct various player actions by pressing the corresponding button.


Press the + Button to bring up the Menu. You can then check items or tips, coordinate outfits, or return to the Title Screen.
Item BoxCheck the items you currently own.
Your OutfitChange your current outfit using the items you own.
Lookit Mail (online mode)Shows a list of Lookits (outfits) made for you by other players.
Item CreatorCreate an item from the patterns you own.
Your WorldCheck which Muses you have developed relationships with so far. Press the + Button to see your follower count and Influencer Rank.
QuestsCheck the details of the quests you've been given.
TipsCheck hints on how to play the game.