Explore Cocoons

See the sights

In Eve, a Cocoon is like a neighborhood where Muses gather. Each Cocoon has three separate areas to visit with their own unique facilities. As your Influencer Rank increases, you'll be able to visit new Cocoons.

Use the Map Guide to avoid the legwork

Press in on the Right Stick to open the Map Guide, which will allow you to instantly travel to a different area or another Cocoon.

Main Area

This area contains Your Showroom, which functions as your own personal room, and other facilities including a Bingo Machine.

Your ShowroomCreate your very own showroom by combining your favorite interior decorations and furniture.
Showroom StreamYou can access other Muses' showrooms here.
Gacha MachineSpend Gacha Tickets on a Gacha Machine to receive patterns.
Bingo MachineSpend Bingo Tickets to play a game of bingo and win E-Points.
Photo Item Vending MachineBuy items that let you strike special poses when taking a photo.

Make the showroom your room

In Your Showroom, you can change or buy furniture and interior decorations. Once you are finished decorating, be sure to open your showroom if you would like to share it online via the Showroom Stream.

Showroom Controls

A ButtonDisplay Furnish Screen
B ButtonBack
X ButtonDisplay Theme Screen
Y ButtonDisplay Shop Screen
L ButtonActivate drone camera
+ ButtonSave & Exit
− ButtonOpen/Close showroom

Change furniture and interior decorations

On the Furnish Screen, choose where you want to set a piece of furniture to bring up the Furniture List. After you pick a category, select the furniture to place in that location. To rearrange a piece of furniture, select that object and press the A Button. You can also customize the room's interior and music from the Theme Screen.

Furnish Screen Controls

A ButtonDisplay Furniture List (when cursor is on an empty space)
Select furniture (when cursor is placed over furniture)
B ButtonBack
X ButtonSwitch view
Y Button (when cursor is placed over furniture)Add item
Right Stick (while furniture is selected)Rotate

There's even furniture for displaying items!

Some furniture lets you display your items. On the Furnish Screen, align the cursor with the furniture so that "Add Item" appears. Decorate with your favorite items and make a real impression. You can also select "Dress Forms" or "Mannequins" to display clothes for a specific body part or a full-body look. It's the perfect way to show off your specially designed outfits.

Buy furniture and interior decorations

On the Shop Screen, you can buy things such as furniture, wallpaper and flooring, and even music. You'll need E-Points to make a purchase, and some items can only be bought once you’ve reached a certain Brand Level.

Salon Area

Here, you'll find a Muse Mirror, where you can change your Muse's appearance, and a Photo Egg that lets you take photos with special backdrops.

Muse MirrorChange Your Muse's appearance and profile.
Muse AdvisorGet a touch-up that follows a particular theme or check the latest trends.
Photo EggChoose various photo frames and take some pictures. You can also decorate your pictures.

Pop-up Area

See what's en vogue in Eve and check new items on display.

Trend BoardCheck what patterns, colors, and items are trending at the moment.
Pop-up BoardPeruse and obtain many kinds of items. In online mode, you can see items made by Muses worldwide on display.
Top-Five Display BoardCheck what're currently the most popular items in Eve.