Fashion Forward

Get items with Likes!

When you approach a Muse, press the Y Button to check their outfit. If you press the A Button to send a Like, you can get a copy of any items in their ensemble, so be sure to send a Like anytime an item catches your eye!

Change outfits on the fly

While checking a Muse's outfit, you can press the Y Button to try it on for yourself. This is only temporary, however, so don't forget to send a Like if there's an item you want.

Select "Your Outfit" to dress yourself up

You can wear the items you've acquired at any time by selecting "Your Outfit" from the Menu. Choose from a number of combinations and dress yourself up in an outfit that shows off your own special stylings.

Use different colors to make a greater range of outfits

Even the same item can look completely fresh in a different color. Obtain multiple palettes and put your color theory to the test.