Befriending Muses

Strike up a conversation

When you talk to a Muse, you'll get a sense of the items they're interested in and the outfits they want to try. Keep making Lookits that suit their tastes, and you'll slowly but surely become good friends.

Look out for special events

When you make Lookits, you'll earn hearts that show how close you are with a Character Muse. As the level increases, an "!" icon will appear over that Muse. Talk to them to raise your Affinity or receive items and special poses.

Try making a Lookit!

With a Lookit, you can put together an outfit using items you own or Quick Picks prepared by Eve. After creating a Lookit, you'll obtain a reward such as E-Points and Bingo Tickets.

Lookit Tips

Each Muse has their own unique fashion sense. Figure out their preferences and help create an outfit they'll never forget.

Expanding your color palette

When you use certain colors for a Lookit, that will unlock a color palette, which can be used when customizing item patterns.