Likes and Followers

Check the Eve Log

While in a Cocoon, press the ZL Button to open the Eve Log. Here, you can view the photos you've taken, as well as photos of other Muses wearing the outfits you put together. Attach a pin to your favorites or see the Likes your photos have received!

Gain more followers

On the Eve Log, you can see the Likes your posts have received and check how many followers you've gained. When your followers reach a certain number, your Influencer Rank will rise and you can earn special rewards or be able to receive more total Likes.

Picture perfect

Use the Photo Egg or drone camera to snap a shot of Your Muse! Make good use of poses or filters and take the ultimate pic. The photos you take will be automatically posted to the Eve Log and earn you Likes and followers.

Use Photo Items to bring out your personality

The Photo Item Vending Machine in the Main Area sells Photo Items that let you strike special poses when taking a photo. Spend some Lucky Coins and make those items your own.